Mission: Striking the Balance

UCSB Utility & Energy Services provides the UC Santa Barbara campus with support in several functional areas, including building automation, engineering services, demand response and utility management. In addition to the daily operations of the campus, Utility & Energy Services evaluates and implements strategic initiatives as they relate to campus growth, operational readiness, regulatory requirements and energy and utility conservation in support of UC Santa Barbara’s academic mission.

Energy Projects & Initiatives

    Energy Projects and Initiatives

It is critically important to manage UCSB's energy and water usage while maintaining the quality of programs and research for which the University is known.

UCSB has implemented over $16 million in energy conservation projects over the last four years. Our goals are to conserve resources, provide a better working environment for the campus population, and promote the health and productivity of faculty, students and staff.

Fundamental to meeting the environmental challenges of the 21st century has been a partnership developed between the University of California and the state's Investor Owned Utilities for the development and deployment t of energy conservation measures.

UCSB Power Map

    Gaucho Power Monitor

Utility & Energy Services aims to build on UCSB's culture of environmental awareness and conservation by providing accurate, real-time building power and water use monitoring.

The Gaucho Power Monitor is based on the campus' Energy Information System (EIS), and provides a user-friendly interface for viewing, downloading and analyzing the electricity usage of all major buildings on the campus.

For access to the full UCSB Energy Information System including natural gas and other energy flows, as well as water usage and weather station information, please contact UCSB Utility & Energy Services at (805) 893-2661, extension 1102.

UCSB Energy & Water report

    2015 UCSB Utility & Energy Report

The Annual UCSB Utility & Energy Report is published each Fall by UCSB Utility & Energy Services, and provides detailed information on energy and water usage and cost for the main campus. Here are some highlights from the 2015 Report:

Electricity consumption during 2014/2015 decreased by 0.7% as compared with the year prior. Electricity use per square foot has been reduced by 39% over the past 10-year time frame.

Natural Gas use was reduced in 2014/2015 by 16% as compared to the prior year, and UCSB's total usage of natural gas has dropped for the fourth consecutive year.

Potable Water use decreased marginally in 2014/2015, and was at its lowest point during the past the past 10 years. Potable water usage per square foot has been cut in half since 2003/2004 as a result of significant investment in and attention to water efficiency on campus.